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Business Services

From start to finish we here at Taxology Want to see you Succeed!

Business Incorporation

We can help you establish your business be getting incorporated with your state. We also help to obtain your IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) which is what you will use for tax purposes and to open a business checking account/ financial account. We specialize with Sole Proprietor/LLC/S-Corp/C-Corp.

Payroll Services

We integrate payroll services with our accounting packages so you can allow us to easily track and manage your employee expenses, benefits, and taxes.

Notary Services

You never know when you need something to be notarized but when that time comes feel free to contact us to help with your needs.

Strategic Business Planning

We have grown over the years and have gone through the "growing pains" involved. We have also counseled many local and national companies on basic business set up, structure, and financial planning. We can help with marketing, accounting set up, corporate structure, and tax ser


We know keeping track of your books income and expenses is crucial to keeping in touch with the vitality of your business. We also know how hard it is to handle that along with your main business demands. So we use Quickbooks along with other accounting software to make your life easier year round especially tax time.

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