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No One Likes Bookkeeping!

Good thing We Do!

We offer turn-key and affordable Bookkeeping solutions for your growing business. 

We put ourselves in a position to identify key financial opportunities that minimize both your current and future liabilities by staying up to date on tax laws and legislation with the use of the industry's leading accounting and tax software.

Small Businesses Tend to Miss Tax Deadlines More Than Large Businesses:
Believe it or not, small business owners are often found guilty for missing tax deadlines. A good percentage of the time the reason being, Lack of time.

Don’t Completely Rely on the Accountant:

Accountants hired by small businesses tend to use information handed to them, which leaves a lot of room for error if they have not kept up with your books. Therefore, small business owners should ensure that all files are up-to-date and that errors are dealt with accordingly. By bringing on the services of a Bookkeeper, small business owners can have an idea of their financial position and be more productive!

Millions in Liabilities:

Every year, small business owners pay millions of dollars in fees and penalties for failing to file the right paperwork or submitting incorrect information to the IRS. In fact, thousands of businesses are shut down over these errors every year. However, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all that paperwork!


"I’m glad I decided to work with Taxology.
A really great and easy set up process. My accounts were quickly up to date and more manageable than ever before."
"Having the opportunity to have someone looking over my books allows me to focus more on my craft and services"
"I was overwhelmed by my first year finances which led me to fall behind on my books until I started working with Taxology!"
-Grant Li
Why Choose Taxology
We know keeping track of your books income and expenses is crucial to keeping in touch with the vitality of your business. We also know how hard it is to handle that along with your main business demands. So we use Quickbooks along with other accounting software to make your life easier year round especially during tax time.
Get Started!

It’s one thing to start a business, but it’s another to have the tools and strategy in place to maximize your business plan and keep it. Your success is our success, so we help you to plan out your business strategy with bookkeeping, expense tracking, and user friendly software that makes the business run efficiently. We lend a helping hand so you can focus on what matters most to you like providing your goods and services!

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